About and Contact

SCSBulletin.ca is an online forum to post part-time job and volunteer opportunities for communications students in Broadcast Media Studies, Information Design, Journalism and Public Relations.

Generally these opportunities are specifically related to some form of their communications studies.

Volunteer opportunities are usually pretty specific and generally do not have a time commitment of more than 10 hours a week or so.

Our students are going to school full-time and often have other jobs, so they have a limit on how much they can commit to. However, they are often looking for opportunities which interest them and can add to their experience and learning, if their schedule allows for additional commitments.

For all postings, students will be directed to contact you directly to further discuss the opportunities.

While we do not follow up with you or the students, we are happy to use this bulletin to spread information about job and volunteer opportunities within Calgary and surrounding areas.

If you have a job or volunteer opportunity for School of Communication Studies students, please fill out the below form, or email klmartin@mtroyal.ca with any questions.

Further questions can be directed to klmartin@mtroyal.ca.